Have a good day

Time: Morning 7:30 AM [Home] [Me: sleeping soundly ..under the sheets] Kunal: Rocky … jaldi taiyar ho ja .. I have some work.. have to reach office early Me: Chhod na yaar, today is off for me … main to aaram se jaoonga Kunal: So what are your plans for today.. Me: Kuch nahi bhai … ja ke dekhoonga … surfing aur chatting aur kya .. well, might write a new post today [Mangal Pandey ke gane bhi nahi sune hain]… haan shayad aaj ka dinner bahar karoon .. Kunal: Lucky A$$ Time: 10 AM [Office] [Me checking/replying mails, reading news, listening to music] My collegue: Rakesh, did you finish those sql queries [80+] which I gave u that day!! Me:[Which queries !!] ya almost done just 10 or so left.. My Collegue: Ok, if you are done send it to me. Me: Ok [begin writing solution, query 51, 52, …] Time: 11:30 AM [Office] [Me still solving sql queries 62, 63, …] somebody comes and pats my back Somebody: Hi ! Me: Hi! [I have seen this guy, what is his name !!] Somebody: Did you finish The Assignment ? Me: Hmmmm [which one !!!, face recognition is still under process] Somebody: You should finish it asap, then only we can move to next training. Me:[Face recognition complete, damn how can I forget ] Ummm ! U said u will mail us The assignment .. Somebody: U shouldnt wait for me .. just do it whatever the assignment is given Me: OK, I am free today [am I ??] I’ll do it .. Somebody: Ok, have fun 🙂 Time: 1:00 PM [Office] [Me struggling with the assignment, part one done.. on part 2 now] Me:[time to check mails !!] Mail#1: Meeting today @2PM Mail#2: Hey, we havent yet got the no dues certificate signed . Mail#3: I am angry with you. Me: [@$#%$^)*_)] [ahh… isnt something good 4 me?? let me check messenger] Offline#1: Hey you didn’t get my cell connection. [Tring.. Tring … now wth is this !!] Call#1: Hey, we havent yet got the no dues certificate signed, today is the last day else we wont get our degrees Me: [$^%^&*] Ok I m going to college Call#2: Oye Rocky, Khare has asked you to submit his mess bills. Me: [God !!] Yeah, I know. Call#3: Rakesh, did you get rooms booked for Papa and Mummy Me: [Damn it!, have to go to college to check it all] Haan kara liya hai. Time:3PM [Office] Meeting, Meeting, Meeting Time: 3:00-5:00 PM Meeting —-> Rush to college—->Hunt the project guide—>Check for guest house —> go to Reliance Web world–> come back to office–> Drop ranta to a bus stop —>come back to office–> Me:[Ahh!! too tired, nothing is going according to plan, well atleast I can have a nice dinner] BUT …. Time:5:30 PM [Office] [Tring, Tring .. Tring, Tring ] Call#1: Rakesh, I am vacating my room, its urgent, could you come tonite, I need ur help!! Me:[:(] Yeah, I am coming .. just wait for me.. Time:7:00-11:00 PM Biking–>Traffic–>Traffic–>Traffic–>Biking–>Frustrated–>Traffic–>Traffic–>Traffic–>Very frustrated–>Still Biking–>Traffic–>Traffic–>Frustrated,tired,Hungry FINALLY Time:11:30 PM [College] Call#1:Hi rocks kahan hai ??[Its kunal] Me: College Kunal: College at this point of time ?? Me: Its a long story.. Kunal: Ok ! Had your dinner?? Me: Naah !! Didnt get time .. Kunal: Oh, coming to home tonite ?? Me: Nope, too tired to do anything now.. Kunal: chal fir .. see you in the morning.. Me: what did you do today? Kunal: Nothing .. came back early from training.. ordered food from PR.. and watching movies .. its 3 in a row now.. Me:[huh, Lucky A$$]

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3 Responses to Have a good day

  1. Utkarsh Khare कहते हैं:

    he he .. bhai .. u can use names .. will Help us understand the situation better .. and .. ahmm .. who was vacating room and needed your help ??

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