We have to be the change we want to see !!

Well, its close to 4 AM and I am working on an assignment… really surprizing because I hardly put so much effort into studies… but its different this time…

… probably I am going through a phase where everyone thinks like this or its the effect of Dr.
Anindita Mukhopadhyay that I am taking some things very seriously and really thinking over them.
and thats why this assignment, which is just a step towards my self making… its about Nationalism and how it is shown in Indian movies.. we had to pick one movie of our choice and analyze it in that context…

..I chose Swades… why ?? its again part of the question… right now the only thing
that I can say that this movie made me think on things which I know but never really gave
much thought…

Well, just a little bit about this movie :

Starting with this excerpt of the conversation between Mohan Bhargava and the villagers.

“mujhe nahi lagta hamara desh duniya ka sabse mahaan desh hai
lekin yeh zaroor manta hoon ham me takat hai kabiliyat hai is
desh ko mahan banane ki”

The way we portray our patriotism in hindi films till now is like blaming others for our failures. Why is being progressive and understanding and going after dreams beyond just love stories with heroines, considered a taboo. Why dont we get real? I think coz we are afraid
of it. I find culture and respect for elders and everything that is served to us with
meaningless overacting is trash. I dont denounce our values. I respect it very much, but lets stop making it a shield to hide our insecurities.
What we need is simple real and brilliant vision of Mohan Barghava. We need sensitivity and love.. See Mohan Bhargav, listen to his silence in the train, see his pain in the farmer’s
house, his passion when working on the dam, his patience when he goes to villagers for educating their children,his love when he gathers the children in the song(Yeh tara woh Tara..).

Its not just important to see this movie but understand its motive. To go out feel like Mohan. Connect to people to be real. dont be over emotional, be practical, be natural. Love ur work. Know your responsibilities and don’t runaway from it; act on it. Can we all do that. Everybody has to play a part to make this happen. Ashutosh has done his bit, its now for us to make his effort worthwhile. There are many problems, corruption, poverty, deplorable poltics and over population. But are these problems a way of justifying our heartless mindless behaviour, our indifference. the way we always blame the system, why dont we for a change do something. something without malice, without expectations, without our insecurties. purely folowing our instincts of the good, being rational all the way.

I will just quote a line from a song of the movie……

“tu na pooch raste mein ka hai,
aayen hai jo is tarah do rahe,
tu hi to hai rah jo sujhaye,
tu hi to hai jo ab bataye
jaye to kis disha mein jaye wahi des…”

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6 Responses to We have to be the change we want to see !!

  1. Sayantika कहते हैं:

    You have been working on something quite interesting! 🙂 i like it … keep it up!

  2. ramneek कहते हैं:

    well, according to me, you can not objectively define patriotism.

    But somehow, I think Swades made that connection with people like me and you. It made us think. Even though the movie was about a person who leaves money and fame for the smaller joys of life, it dealt with real issues. Ok, there was some lecturebaazi, but still the movie was great…

    Patriotism has long been portrayed in hindi movies (like border, loc) as Sunny Deol or Sanjay Dutt mouthing obscenities about Pakis. It’s time for those notions to change.

  3. kalyani कहते हैं:

    Very inspiring , touching and really convincing . All in all “rocking”!! The best blog tht i’ve read till date .Haven’t watched swadesh , will watch it now.

  4. Rakesh कहते हैं:

    🙂 Yeah its really interesting and very inspiring also

    That’s what I was saying… so far we have seen ‘Patriotic’ movies… but I think now we should move towards “Nationalist” movies

    Thanks for your comments and thanks for stopping by my blog…

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  6. ksunitha कहते हैं:

    munna movie i want to see.plese show me

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