Warrior Clans of IIIT

Basically the BC-baazs in pure IIIT lingo well a whole bunch of them got
together last night. It all started from the lab, from where Me and Majj
left for the hostel…somehow we ended up in Vidit’s room. Actually Majj
went there to get some oranges as he was hungry like anything

The proper BC started at this place only… where we movied from Prof
Jhunjhunwala to Premchand then to Mahadevi Varma then talked some time about
Hindi Literature the “Chhayawadi” Poets … then to schools then education..
and quality of education.. quality of life… lifestyle… language… well!
a series of interconnected topics..

Well the scene got little changed with the arrival of Pelu and Ramneek and
Parivesh… and now the topic was a hot favorite of we IIITians, about
Linux and Windows.. the Free software and the properietary software ….

Well, I silenty watched this discussion… I am tired of this topic…
People here can’t understand that both of these things have their equal impor
-tance and in the absense of one the other will lose its glitter… Both
learn from each other to improvise over themselves… but certainly there
will remain some conceptual differences…

I personally like,use Linux and advocate it but only for the community to
which I belong…i.e Computer Engineers… Linux gives us the playground to
show our creativity and curiousity… On the other hand Windows serves
entirely diffent purpose…

I have always looked it as an OS made for Old Men, Children, Housewives and
novices like them… It really works good for their purpose… A beautiful
GUI… Lots of functionalities… makes lay users feel as if they are a kid
in a Magic shop.

The basic difference is what me and Majj discussed later in the night about
movies and the concept of masses and classes… which is very clearly visible
in the showbiz… we see movies of two types .. one of them is of the type of
David Dhawan Comedies… the Govindaa Chaap Movies… meant for masses …
and the others which fall in the likes of Black… meant for the classes.
Person who understand and appreciate the talent,the work, the perfection,
the beauty. Basically the persons who are qualified enough to appreciate
these movies…

I feel in our industry Windows represents the Masses and Linux represents US.

As far as OpenSource and Free Softwares are concerned, they come under an
entirely differnt and noble philosophy. A concept very close to the heart
of us.

Well won’t stretch much on this topic. The only thing that I would like to
say is that we already see lots of wars going in the world… Peoples have
shed their blood for Zehads… Don’t make our industry another warfield…

We always have the example of India … Unity in diversity… Sarva Dharma

Lets learn from the same old Indian philosophy..

Lets install the vmware or vnc viewer and enjoy best of both of the worlds…

यह प्रविष्टि Random Ramblings में पोस्ट की गई थी। बुकमार्क करें पर्मालिंक

One Response to Warrior Clans of IIIT

  1. Linux Addict कहते हैं:

    Your blogs makes a real nice reading. Keep it up. I liked the post about “how to blog well” too much.

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