President’s rule in Bihar…

Sounds a good news to me.. though peoples have always said that a
governemnt of the people for the people and by the people (democratically
elected one) is better than the President’s rule, I think anything other
than Laloo is good for Bihar… atleast for some days…

Certainly no new government can change the situation of Bihar in a night
becauase Laloo Raj hasn’t left any stone unturned while eating the entire
state… But the announcement of K. P. S. Gill as the security advisor of
the governor gives me some hopes that alteast he can do something to
improve the law and order in Bihar…

Somehow I have a very good impression of him. I always saw him as
another hero of our times…He made Panjab a terrorist free state…
well, people criticize his style but I think that at times you
need to take some strong decisions… The only thing that has to be
seen is whether he is still the same Gill or has lost his touch over
the time.

Another news of concern is that the President’s rule is very much
influenced by the center… and as the central government has Laloo
as its ally it might end up as a psuedo Laloo Raj…

Well !! I just hope that it won’t happen ???

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