Indian beheaded in Saudi Arabia

Just read this shocking news in Rediff… One Indian, Malaya Maroti Bajantra, was beheaded in public because he was convicted of robbery and murder… again another example of Hummurabian justice…. I don’t say that a criminal shoudn’t get punishment… but this is really outrageous … don’t these countries have any value for life …. when the entire world is thinking over lifting the Capital Punishment… we still see these stinking examples… When will they understand the value of human life ….

The news article had one line :
Among those beheaded are mostly Asians as the Saudi government often sets free Western convicts because of political pressure.

I don’t know how much truth is in the above statment… but its really shameful if our government is not doing anything to stop this kind of incidences..

And what is the media doing about all this… they seem very interested in publishing the news of beheading.. didn’t they find this news worth consideration when they come to know about the trial in the first place … May be something could have happened in that situation…
Well! may be in that case it wouldn’t have been such a big NEWS …

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