Kyun Ki Main Jhooth Nahi Bolta !!!

Last night me and Utkarsh saw another demo of Maddy’s brilliant talent of
telling lies…

I was going to have dinner and just stopped by his room to ask him whether
he would like to come for the dinner… At that time he was chatting with
Utkarsh. He saw me and suddenly his face expressions changed …

Maddy: “I have a bad news for all of us”
Me: “Kya Hua”
Maddy: “Yaar abhi abhi khare ko bataya hai .. ab dubara himmat nahi ho
rahi, tum padh lo .. ”

and then he shows me the IM conversation box between him and Utkarsh…

First Line: PK Reddy Sir told Kamal Sir that our Stream Project is

Second Line: Kamal Sir is very happy about It.

Third Line: He had asked us to put it on demostration tommorrow in
Excitement of Research.

Now, I was totally dumbstruck. Because in reality also our Project guide
thinks that our project is almost over and the above conversation looked
so convincing. I was thinking what to do next.. certainly we can’t finish
this project overnight.. need atleast a week for that… and if we can’t
what are we going to show tomorrow…

I was in this state for some 5 minutes… then Pankaj again said that..
it was just a lie … we don’t need to give a demo… he had only got a
mail which has asked him to come in the DE lab he wants to put the project
on demo…

Jhandoo Pankaj … I felt like kicking him … but then I was so happy
about the fact that we are not showing anything so I just enjoyed
the entire scene. Haan, there was one more intereting thing .. Khare was
still not aware about the truth … and the poor soul was coming hostel
to meet us to discuss about the demo 🙂

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