Questions asked from the within !!

Saw these questions in Utkarsh’s latest


My attempts to answer them :

Question 1 -> Why do I never blog about my parents .. If a blog is a way of expressing my feelings .. don’t I have any feelings towards my parents.

My Answer: I somewhat agree with his points that something are too personal to us that we don’t discuss publicly, which generally includes our family, our love life and probably our ambitions… very true… but besides this I also think that their is this trend in the modern day youths and that includes me too that somehow we
while trying to explore our own self, leave our parents aside. We take them forgranted and in the long run we start getting farther and farther away from them. We take time off for every damn thing on earth but we didn’t manage to get one or two day off to see them.

Question 2 -> Why do I Blog ?

Not really my answer..somebody has written it on his blog, which
I found very true..just sharing it here

Why Blog ?
The urge to write! My literary pretensions and caprices bring me here. Like any writer I write to be read. All my posts, though fettered to my small world and trivially myopic, will live and yearn that somebody connects to them someday. Cognitive frenzies, sardonic musings, aimless banters, incoherent ramblings and trivial indulgences; this is simply an episodic narrative of my trivial world —
in a grain of sand… Smaller than Life.

Question 3 -> Should we have expectations .. Is it fair to have expectations from
people around you?

MyAnswer: Is No !! Ideally we shouldn’t have expectations from anyone around us and
even from our work. Because if anything or any person comes even a little behind from our expectation, it hurts us, it feels bad and finally results in pain and frustration. That’s why it’s written in Shri Mad Bhagwat Gita in a generic context
that “we should do our work without any thought of the outcomes”.

But as I said earlier this is an ideal case. Ideally we shouldn’t have expectations.
But the ordinaly peoples like us can’t live without expectations. It gives us a reason to do anything and motivates us to go along. We study to get good grades,
good job, handsome money, beautiful wife..every where there is some sort of expectation… It is our driving force… but I would again say that if we manage to get rid of the expectation we will be a lot more happier than what we are now.

Tyaga of expectation is very difficult for us and it is not expected from us if we choose to lead our life in this society. The complete Tyaga of expectation can be expected and is possible only if we choose to leave this society and become truth seekers like Sannyasis and Saints… which probably none of us want to do.

Question 4 -> What Does true love mean ? .. If I love someone does it mean that I give her the right to play with my heart by coming and going into and away from my life whenever she wants .

MyAnswer -> Again this question supports my statements about the first question.
Now a days we are too much envolved in ourselves that love has only meaning to us that between a boy and a girl. But isn’t love more generic ? How about the love a father has for his child ?

Anyway… True love… I think its just another vanishing species about which PETA
people talk, express their feelings and essentially do nothing… True Love is
always something which we guess and try to achieve but as in probablity nothing has a probablity of one, here also we never get to know about the real Love.

About the second part of the question… I think its relative… from our side we
should give our love a complete freedom, and shouldn’t expect it to return it back
to us.. if it returns back to us we shouldn’t think that it was ever gone… and I
think If you truely love her you will wait… its not because you expect her
to be back…its becoz you don’t need anyone else…

We can compare it the love that we have with our parents… if by any chance we
loose them.. we don’t go on looking for another mom and dad… because we don’t
need anyone else… may be because no one else can be them… I think this is the feeling of true love…

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