“Khane Khilane ka Pyar dikhane ka..”
The Amul Ghee used to start its ad in the context of Sunday..

Our last Sunday started with the same spirit… just in the previous night
Khare gave this idea of having a day totally for fun and Abhinav and Parivesh
showed gr8 enthusiasm, chalking out the plan and arranging everything and
finally in the morning the qualis was here in the hostel even before I woke up.

We had Dhola-Ri-Dhani and Runway9 in our list. We were not sure where to go
first. Finally we decided to go Dhola-Ri-Dhani First because none of us wanted
to eat a crappy food of mess on a Sunday.
So we left for DRD. The journy was quiet entertaining. As usually we played
Antakshari. Thanks to Parivesh who kept the tempo going otherwise Poppy and Khare
had done their best to ruin it with their God gifted voice 🙂

Finally we reached DRD at lunch time. As everyone was hungry so we hurriedly headed
towards the Rasoi. The ambience was too good. The food was too good.. with lots
of delicious items like Moong Dal ka halwa, Malpuwa, Churma… the best thing about
the food were the waiters (shall I call them waiters ?).. they were doing so much
of Manuhar, every other time one of them used to come with one Malpuwa and
if we say no .. he used to say.. “nahi bhaiya khana hi padega”. I remember me saying
to Utkarsh that “Lagta hai hum sab apni sasural main kha rahe hain” 🙂

After lunch all of us had some rest and then we went for Boating and Camel riding.
Before that we played volleyball for sometime. Some of us went to Jyotishi Ji (mostly
to know about our love life and when are we gettin marrried 🙂 )

As we had to go to Runway9 too wo we decided to leave but suddenly someone pointed out
that we are missing something… Hukka.. Yeah … we tried Hukka too… with Apple flavor,
certainly a very refreshing experiece…

After this we left for Runway-9 which was at a stone’s throw away from there.
We had loads of fun there …I did many things for the first time in my life…
I had never done Go-carting, Archery, Rock climbing and skating earlier…
and even though I sucked in most of them.. I did reasonably well in Archery (got
highest points amongst us) and in Rock Climbing..

I liked skating a lot, tried to learn it for more then one hour, fall a million times
,but all in vain… seems I have to take couple of lessons more..

Anyway … I wanted to write about Utkarsh’s questions.. but got carried away with
the other things … well its better to write it in another post now ..

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