Back in action again …

Its been 3 days since I posted on my blog… well there wasn’t any special reason for that … may be because I was a little low lately… another thing was I didn’t have much to write ..
even now I am not able to think what to write… but just to maintain the sheer sprit of blogging I am here on my blogger dashboard typing arbitrarily…
Well, I saw a couple of movies in last 3 days. That includes Page 3, Godfather, Bad Santa, Bap numbari beta das numbari, Roti…

Page 3 is cool… I m not in the mood of writing a review here. Utkarsh has already done this here .

Godfather is superb, no wonder its IMDB no.1 … this was my 6th attempt to see this movie… in all my earlier attempts I never got beyond the wedding ceremony…

The other movies were just time pass… Roti has some good songs .. but the “Latka Jhatkas” of Kakaji are no longer tolerable…

enough for now …

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