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Happy valentines day


There is a love letter contest going on, in our batch … with the help of judges I finally managed to get hold of this entry..
no no its not mine… its Abhinav’s… I hope Abhinav doesn’t mind putting it here …
here it goes
PS: The final results are not yet out

Dear ………………………….. ,

Today is Valentine’s Day .. the day used by lovers all over the
world to tell their love what they feel about them. So here I am ..
trying to tell you what I haven’t told anyone. I have been trying to say
this for a really long time ..
It may sound a little awkward to you, being surrounded all the
time by people who seem to like you .. and you seem to like their
attention too .. but I haven’t been able to get myself to talk to you
because of the simple reason that I thought I would falter at the final
moment. I have tried so many times to talk to you, but every time the
thought of ruining what we have presently ( which is just friendship ) has
kept me from doing it. But I guess now it is about time that I gather
courage to take the relationship to the next level. I don’t want to be
just a friend, I don’t want to just an acquaintance. I want to be the guy
who comes home to you everyday, the guy who helps you through the
difficult periods of your life, the guy who you come to when you face some
problem, the guy who is not just present physically with you all the time,
but is in your heart.
I want to make it clear now itself, that it won’t matter to me
now, what your reply is. May be even after reading this letter, and
knowing how I feel about you, you would decide to spend your life with
someone else. But what is important for me is that you should be happy. I
don’t care what happens to “us” but “u” should always find what you
deserve and If you think I am the perfect person for you, nothing would
make me happier, but a “no” ( though, would hurt ) won’t ruin me. I have
gone through a large number of years of my life, without you and liking
you. I am sure I can go through the rest of my life the same way. Though
tough, but I can handle it. Just the thought that I love you and you are
happy would be enough to sail through the vast vacant ocean of life.
I am not sure how much this letter has helped me, to get your
attention, but it certainly has take the load off me. Now I am pretty sure
that whatever your reply is, it won’t be based on an imaginative guess,
but a written proof of my love.
Although you may decide to spend your life with someone else, I
won’t be able to convince myself to like anyone ever. Most probably if you
say no, I will be spending my life all alone. You are the only person who
has touched my heart and soul and I can’t think of anyone who is more
perfect for me than you are. The very thought of you makes me happy and if
you give me chance I will spend the rest of my life trying to make you
feel the same way.

Just remember that I love you and will always continue to do so.
Yours’ and only your’s

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