Bio-Informatics Class Notes

Today’s Elements of Bio informatics Class Notes

class started at 1:30 . I started writing some notes but after 15
minutes I became restless
and started writing these notes… just have a look…

  • Bedi is humming some song, which i am unable to identify
  • Its 2 PM students are still pouring in…
  • OK, Finally identified Bedi’s Song “Insaaf ki dagar pe Bachchon
    dikhao chal ke”
  • Sireesh is tryig his best to remain awake 🙂
  • 2:05 PM Unni comes to the class .. ma’am is loosing her control..
    tells to close the door
  • 2:10 kirti, Gaurav Jain, KBJ and gang comes to the class … Madam
    can’t tolerate anymore … the main door is also being closed now…
    oh wait a minute ..who’s there on the stairs. Rastogi !!! Run Rastogi
    run…Let’s see whether he can make it or not … ok now he has
    climbed the stairs.. approaching towards the door .. but… SLAM …
    doors are closed now … poor chap …
  • Bedi has come to whistling now ….
  • The guy in front of me (Dhruv) is working on his vocab… trying
    to concentrate hard on the “Norman Lewis”
  • Ok something interesting in the slides “Human lie in the species
    –Sapiens” but how is that related to bio-informatics
  • Bedi Once again : “Insaf ki dagar pe bachchon…..”
  • 2:20 PM .. 3 more students coming for the class… ha ha they
    can’t come in
  • NO, NOT AGAIN !! The same old NCBI page
  • Ma’am says What’s the need for such a classification ??
    I hear What’s the need for such a class

  • Ok Bhawani is the first one to give up.. Sweet dreams Bhawani
  • Unni and Venki are doing gr8 with BINGO
  • Ma’am is on the board now .. trying to explain something.. I just
    hope that someone is paying attention to her..
  • Ok now the guy with the “Norman Lewis” has finally given up
  • There is a good competition going on between Madam and sireesh.
    So far Sireesh is doing well… Oh no our gladiator is losing his grip
    in the battle… Sireesh with half open eyes now … no .. full .. no
    half.. ok … end of Sireesh episode… Sireesh seems to have some
    very nice dreams… meanwhile Bedi is still on “Insaaf ki dagar pe ..
    bachchon dikhao chal ke”
  • New Page
  • He he.. I m feeling very happy.. I think this is the only class
    in which Pammy seats behind me 🙂
  • Hey ! What is Nirnimesh doing ?? Can’t see from here … Ok
    finally got a quick glimpse.. seems he is enhancing his gegraphy
    knowledge.. searching very hard for Taj Mahal in the map of Hyderabad

  • Bedi !! Why is he so quiet ?? Whatz wrong ??
  • Just showed the above line to Bedi.. now Bedi is back to “insaf
    ki dagar pe …”
  • Ma’am is successful in hypnotizing the entire class… almost
    half of the class is sleeping now… the latest entrants in the
    “Sleeping Babies club” are — Joon, Underscore, Pappu, Parida, Kirti
    Sinha, Bolli, Khare (half asleep),Vishnu… and the count is
    increasing every minute…

  • Another interesting line from the slides


    and I am thinking , how nice it would be to eat bannana on the coast
    of Panama river 🙂

  • Ok, Finally Nirnimesh found one Taj Mahal in Hyderabad too !!!
    strange isn’t it. How many Tajmahals are there ??
  • Well !! Its 2:45 PM now .. can’t stand this torture any longer..
    going to sleep… bye bye Zaalim duniya … anywat Bedi is still on
    “Insaaf ki dagar pe bachchon dikhao chal ke ”

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