Well !! Its not the Pentium 4 Processor which is running on my system 🙂 Even I thought the same when I get to hear about this for the first time. It is our gang @IIIT and stands for the eight of us

Pankaj Madhukar
Pankaj Kumar

Pankaj just created this blog p4runs.blogspot.com, dedicating to our friendship. Visiting this site and seeing all of us at a same place felt very good… but suddenly I felt that we are no longer gonna stay together.

This is the last sem and after this all of us are going to choose our own paths.And who knows may be some of us will never meet again (though its highly improbable, meri shadi main to sab log aayenge hi 😀 ).

This all thing reminds me of DCH.. the sea and the ship.. feels like I am that ship.. going farther away from my friends…

ok ok ok … need to study.. have a test tomorrow.. God save me from this God forsaken biology.

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