Darbari Ka Darbar

Last night was fun … we had Darbari ka Darbar .. in continuation of Majj’s talk … well for non IIITians … this was just an get-together of our batchmates, but it was really something special for us .. we
didn’t do anything … and neither publicised the event but may be because of some sentiments for the batch, that we are leaving in a few days.. it became very special …
anyway the beginning of the event was very bad … all courtesy to some bad organizers like me 🙂 and there was a point when me and Adi were almost sure that this is going to be a big flop show… thank
God that somehow it ended pretty well …

we had the usual games like dumb charades, Antakshari and the “Ghoda Badam Chai” as usually in our own ishtyle … The dumb charades involved the enacting of faculty or students. I gave a really tough question to Vidit .. he had to enact Amba kulkarni :)) ..

Bapu came with this very wild idea that in Antakashri that if a team is singing someone from that team will have to dance on that particular song… I think this added life in the Antakshri … though I was an organiser … I shared the dancing stage with some of the teams …

The final game was Ghoda Badam Chai .. I have played this game many times in my childhood .. but wasn’t aware that it is called so … anyway this game was the biggest attraction of last night… where Adi
Become a Murga … Amal Sang a hindi song in a Girl’s voice and told about her BTree 😉 … KBJ did the famous Veena number of Indra…
Swati enacted DVD and Patke (though I am not sure whether that can qualify for acting)… Lahari enacted Jaya 🙂 and Javahar Sir.

The best part was when Parivesh mimicked PK and Manas and Prof Garry…. and when Jayaram enacted Paddy… It was too good to be explaind here … Poor Darbari was again the victim of Jaya’s jokes 😀
.. well just for a change this time he was not all alone .. Shetty too got his share with that special comment .. “Perfect Marriage Material” 🙂

Well this was the end of the events… as it was Swati’s birthday.. she had brought us a very delicious cake … which was followed by the sweets that we had brought for the event and the Coffee party (again by Swati).

PS: Kunal if you read this .. please give me one snap of maharaja Abhinav Darbari’s so that I can add it here ..


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