Ramoji Trip

Well !! Surely there is nothing which can beat the Shimla Trip .. but this trip to Ramoji Film City also holds its place among the tops. A very memorable trip.

Another example of my utter laziness. rest of the content of this post is shamlessly taken from Kunal’s blog
Space Of Kunal 🙂

28 of us went for a trip to Ramoji Film City. Abhinav, Vidit, Piyush, Adi, Parry, Majji, Pushpam, Kunal, Maddy, Khare, Pankaj, Parivesh, Ranta, Tiwary, Dixit, Deadly, Bapu, Jayaram, Sam, AU, Akhil, Bhargava, Kaka, Raheja, Shetty, Sushant, Malik and Me. Whew, that was a long list!! Took minutes to remember all 28 people..

Instead of a detailed blog here is the story in pictures..

The trip starts.. Waiting for Dixit in front of Kamal’s home..

Majji was flooding us with his intolerable PJs..
Majji guide always led us on to the wrong way throughout the trip.

Still in bus, Kunal and me.

Vidit, Abhinav, Jayaram, Shetty, Raheja, AU etc are up there, trying to reach the sky

Adi, Dixit, Pushpam and Parivesh await their turn to touch the sky..

Vidit and Me, with Vidit saying yyuuyui !!

A scared Tiwary and the photographer – Kunal

Pushpam did a nice job as Monalisa.. :))

Kunal is wanted…

Now even Majji is wanted..

Almost half the group (13/28)

Piyush, Bapu, Ranta, Kunal, Daedly and Khare

On the slope in front of Hawa-Mahal.
Now it is more then half the group, 15 of us.

Rocky, Me, Pushpam, Abhinav, Aditya and Parivesh
An artistic touch…

Woman on top !!!

Bapu enjoying …

Can you belive it, Kunal is holding on Parivesh !!!

The roll, discovered by Majji.
Tiwary rolling while Majj offers a helping hand.

Malik falling off the bull…

And Bhargava trying to take the neck of the bull with him..

After some agonizing 30-40 secs, even Kunal fall off… But gg

The rain dance…

Beneath the rainbow !!!

Bapu, Majji, Pushpam, Adi, Abhinav and Me – all rocking…

Shetty, Raheja, Vidit, Sam, Sushant, AU, Kaka, Rnata, Malik

The monkey in us coming to the front..
Kunal, Maddy, Abhinav and Tiwary

Parivesh, me, Pushpam and Majji
Copy Cats or Copy Monkeys ??



And Bapu..

The Sun-fountain. Kunal, Pushpam, Adi and Dixit.

Notice the white speck in center of the photograph ??
Thats Adi copying the statue !!

Parivesh, Abhinav and Kunal – Still on the fountain

The line – Adi, Parivesh, Kunal, Dixit, Pushpam, Bapu and Abhinav

The circle – Adi, Parivesh, Dixit, Abhinav, Pushpam, Kunal, Bapu.

The semi-circle – Pushpam, Parivesh, Abhinav, Adi, Kunal, Bapu, Pankaj

Playing Snakes and Ladders… Tiwary, kunal, Ranta and Pankaj

The rain dance… Part II

Pankaj, Abhinav, Tiwary, Parry, Bapu, Adi and Ranta on the floor

Aftermath of the rain-dance..

Jan 15th, 9:55 pm


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