Happy New Year

to me ofcourse.. this is my blog isn’t it 🙂 any way just joking … a very happy and prosperous new year to all those who have accidently come to this page.

Thinking about the last year filles me with some of very good memories. It was a kind of dream fulfillment year for me.

Earlier in the 6th semester (January to June) I got a good chance to know the work culture of IT industry in the form of internship at Computer Associates India Ltd. I earned my first salary also, officially I finished my honours project (thanx to pankaj), did my best for Felicity and Farewell, got my first experience of social service with NSS.

In the seventh semester (July to November) I became class representative as a side effect of which I become the studement parliament member also, did some voluntary work for campus placements, got placed in Oracle and worked as an tutor for first years.

Well this semester was little disappointing for me in terms of Academics. I was about to fail in some courses due to the recent attendence rule of our institute but due to the latest modifications in the rule I ended with Ds.

The year ended with a happier note as our gang went for a trip to Shimla. We enjoyed a lot. It was a wonderful and unforgettable experience with the mountains. I am leaving the details for my next post.

There were many new things from the cyber space which I would like to write here. I started blogging and got addicted towards reading and writing blogs, Got invitations to make an Orkut and Gmail account both of which have revolutionalized the internet.

Talking about the college. We became the seniormost UG Students. Got to see many new teachers and also the departure of our beloved Physics teacher Dr Naidu :), we experienced the trauma caused by the new attedence rule and at the same time enjoyed many events like Felicity, Freshers Day, Birthday of IIIT, The R&D Showcase and many others. The College opened many new research labs like communication lab and Robotics lab. We got to see the new CVIT and also the work for new Data Engineering lab started. IIIT got its share of publicity another time and OUTLOOK magazine praised the work done by LTRC.

Many known faces left the campus making the room for many new faces to come. Though we gave the farewell to our seniors but it was looking like it is our own farewell. From that day onwards I get very sad and emotional whenever I think that this is my last year at college and in this June itself we will leave the campus and its very possible that some of us will never meet ever in life.

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