Chokher Baali

I had always heard about the greatness of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore… my first encouter with his literatue was in schools … but at that time somehow I didn’t feel the beauty of his literature..
this latest encounter with Choker Baali was really mind blowing… For the first time I realized what are masterpieces and Masters..
I mean if we consider the time when he wrote this novel we can just imagine how broad and mature minded he was. And the way he has handled this sensitive issue of a young widow and her feelings…

And It will be very rude of me I don’t praise the director of Chokher Baali… Mr Rituparno Ghosh.. what a tremendous job he has done… Probably there couldn’t have been any one else who would have done a better job… I am going to see all of his movies now…

Well !! If I start writing about the actors and acting … I will have to write for another one hour.. so I won’t touch that part here … except that all the charaters were beautifully placed and the acting of all the actors especiall Aish and Rima Sen’s was marvellous..

The only thing that I found somewhat very different and unusual was the ending of the movie.. may be Rabindranath wanted to relate with the Bangal division… but it was kind of unusual … especially when everything was settled, a typical indian viewer like me was thinking that Vinodini and Bihari will get married … Well !! Can’t say … probably this is the diffence in the mentality of a legend like Gurudev and someone like me …

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