I think its time to write my own review of this movie… especially after pankaj forwarded me this link. I think Sourabh had lots of expectation with the movie and it always happens when U expect a lot from something and finally it doesn’t appear as you had wanted. Contrary to the view expressed in the above link. This movie is not at all pathetic. It is a typical Yash Chopra movie. Full of emotional scenes (we boyz don’t like it becoz boys dont cry) and songs. Well it was nearly 6 hrs for me (that includes movie time + travel time + time spent in fixing Jaya’s bike’s flat tyre) and it was not a complete waste. We/I hadn’t much expectation from the movie and at many points the movie fared better than we had thought, in fact we enjoyed it. Ya Shahrukh is not a versatile actor like Aamir. But he can do justice to some roles, like the ones which he gets with Chopras or Johars and it was a Chopra movie. So this was a kind of tailor made role for Shahrukh and I can’t picture any one else in that particular role. Its same like that I can’t picture any one else in Shahrukh’s role in KKHH and as far as I think he has done his best. About music. Certainly if Sourabh Nanda doesn’t like the music of Veer-zara he shouldn’t listen to hindi music. Come on you have got Lata Mangheshkar singing on Javed Akhtar’s lyrics which are composed in Madan Mohan’s tunes … what else you want to listen… Probably he is tired with the way the songs are presented… but every song is unique and very melodious… and don’t blame that it had lots of songs .. becoz this is supposed to be a musical and infact all yash chopra movies are musicals, probably you don’t know how to appreciate musicals. Story was not that impressive .. in fact at many point I thought whether I am watching Gadar, but it was ok. Not a tragedy like usual love stories (the likes of Heer Ranjha, Romeo-Juliet …) I think the director didn’t stress on the Indo Pak issue or the Hindu Muslim issue because he knew that we have got bored with this and he wanted to think us, of that miniscus probablity of one indian boy and one pakistani girl falling in love. This was something different from regular movies otherwise it is always the same old Hindu/Muslim confilict or Indo-Pak masala. I mean can’t we increase the level of our thinking. Ab’t the line : “Tumhaare mulk mein saare bete aise hi hote hain kya” “Woh to nahin bata sakta… lekin saari maaein aapke jaisi hi hoti hain” Well in my opinion it was the best dialogue of the movie. Some Plus Points of the movie: 1. Yash Chopra (I think I am biased towards his movies) 2. Madan Mohan (Most melodious tunes) 3. Lata Mangeshkar (simpley rules our hearts) 4. Javed Akhtar (Has given life to the music of Madan mohan) 5. Preity (Zaara looks superb) 6. Amitabh Bachchan (He has a cameo … but he has proved once again that he is Amitabh) 7. Divya Datta (The sabbo: will remind U of sweet and naughty village girl) 8. Picturisation of all the scenes are perfect 8. All the guest appearances are gr8 (Zohra Sehgal, Amitabh, Hema Malini, Certainly there were some things in the story which were hard to digest like the 22yrs of imprisonment of Shahrukh (all the time I was calculating the dates) and also the make up of Shahrukh and Preity Zinta sucks.

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