I m back ….

Back from home 🙂
This recent trip was a very beautiful and one of the most memorable to home. I got the chance to meet all the persons who love me and care for me and vice versa …

It had a special significance because I met her for probably the last time time in my life… actually she was the driving force for this trip… we never spent much time together and may be itwas just 6th or 7th meeting of ours in last 4yrs and this time I was meeting her after a gap of 1 year… but we were so comfortable with each other that it never felt that we are meeting after such a long gap… anyway this story ended befor even starting formally, we never moved beyong being just 2 good friends… This time when I had a job in my hand and I was going to propose her … I got to know that she is alread engaged to someone 😦 … while talking to her I was imagining the scene frm DDLJ where Kajol was asking Shahrukh “Tum meri shadi main aaoge” and I could’nt say anything … Well, atleast I learnt something, Never wait for time … Just do it ..

well everything else was very regular… mummy still says that I am becoming thinner day by day and Papa says that I am getting too much fat… Khushi (Didi’s daughter) has started speaking and Somu has become naughtier… Everybody is talking of Bhaiya’s marriage and Bhaiya is still reluctant for marriage …

For a change, this time I went to Mamaghar after… I guess 5-6 yrs…

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