Kya hai mera Lakshya !!!

These days I am feeling kind of Lost… actually not at all feeling happy… why ?? I tried to find the answer… but all in vain …
Actually I don’t know what to do next .. I mean I am studying in one of the best institutes of India. . ‘ll join a nice company after leavin this instt… But what next ??? may be girls .. but girls are not really in mind right now.. may be something else …. ahhhh .. what is that .. need to do a lot of thinking …

eeeeeeeeee getting frustoo …. going to watch some movie 😀


About Rakesh

Hi, This is Rakesh, welcome to my web-log.
यह प्रविष्टि Random Ramblings में पोस्ट की गई थी। बुकमार्क करें पर्मालिंक

One Response to Kya hai mera Lakshya !!!

  1. Jimmy Jon कहते हैं:


    Yo, I like to eat @ Jimmy John\’;s!

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