Friendship Week

I am very lazy .. and this can be seen here .. last time I updated my blog after more than 15 days and today it is after a week or so…
well, the new month has come with Friendship day to begin with .. I had a good time on first … talked to some of my long lost friends… All of them are very busy in their work.. Mukesh is not getting much time off from his job, Yashvir is prparing for his job interview.. I am sure he will get some good job. Sabi is also very busy with her work. I think I am the luckiest of them. Still in college and enjoying my days but I really miss them a lot …

Well, apart from the 1st august, rest of the week was as usual. Didn’t do any productive work .. wasted mine as well as Vidit’s time… I think, in last week ; almost every day we planned to go
for Lakshya but somehow we couldn’t make it … Ok Vidit never mind .. we will see it tomorrow… lol ..

Yesterday was good for me in the sense that I communicated with 3 beautiful ladies … first got mails from Indrani and then chatted with Yashvir’s friend and in the evening talked with Sabi on phone 🙂 ..

Happy Friendship Day

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